Audio Recorders for EVPs - The best way to capture an Electronic Voice Phenomena is with a digital voice recorder.  These recorders can range widely and it may take a little trial and error to find the right one for you.  Here's a few that we like to use:

There is a vast amount of paranormal ghost hunting equipment now a days.  It can be hard to decide where to begin.  I have compiled a list of equipment, from starter to advanced, to help you get started.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

EMF Detectors - Electromagnetic Frequency.  Items like cell phones, electrical lines, outlets, camera equipment, and so on can emit EMF.  A good EMF detector will detect this energy, AC or DC energy, with one or more antennae.  The meter will usually display the strength of the frequency. 

Dowsing Rods - These are used for locating underground water sources without the use of modern devices.  Some water companies still use dowsing rods to this day.  In the world of Ghost hunting, they make perfect tools for communication.  There is many tutorials out there on how to use them the best.

Spirit Box - This device will scan through a large range of frequencies to allow a spirit to communicate using the various noise in the frequencies to formulate words.  It's best to use it with a Faraday bag to block Radio signals.  It is also best to watch a few videos on how they operate to best become comfortable using them during an investigation.


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More devices to come 

REM Pod - Radiating Electromagnetism Pod.  Unlike the EMF meter which detects changes in the electromagnetic field from a source, the REM pod generates its own electromagnetic field.  In general, it will detect a disturbance in the force as the ghost approaches.