Live shows every week.  Thursdays @ 11:30 pm on YouTube

For over 25 years josh has researched the paranormal by conducting several paranormal investigations in various locations in the United States, book research, and a large number of case studies.  His research over the years has lead him to some amazing discoveries.

Josh currently resides in the mountain region of Bristol, Tennessee.  He's married to his soulmate Terrilynn where they have a son that loves tennis.

He also released a book on Amazon to over 12 countries.  The name of the book is:  My Paranormal: A Guide To The Spirit Realms.  Currently the book has sold copies overseas making Josh a worldwide author.  He attends para-con events as a guest, vendor, and speaker.

Josh's mission is to elevate the level of investigations and the way we label them.  It's all about taking care of the client/victim.  His weekly live show on YouTube covers many aspects of the paranormal world and will often feature a special guest.  "It's the show you can participate in." says Josh.  He will incorporate live chat into the show with comments and questions from the viewers. 

One of his main statements is: Seek the Truth.